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The Singles and Couples Retreat solves relationship issues by using interactive games to enhance love and forgiveness. The Marriage Seminar is not affliated with Dr Phil or Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

"Dr. Phil Encounter"

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(Dr. Phil in 1987.)

In 1986, Jim Carroll and Dr. Phil McGraw, of the Dr. Phil Show, met in the driveway of one of Dr. Phil's friends. Jim was being recruited to attend a seminar created by Dr. Phil McGraw and was convinced that it was a cult experience. Jim's best friend had just completed the seminar and was adamant about needing to leave his wife.

"Worshiping Dr. Phil"

When Dr. Phil pulled up in his red Porsche, Jim approached the vehicle and fell down on his hands and knees in mock worship. Dr. Phil instantly comprehended the situation and instead of taking offense. Dr. Phil stared at Jim and said, "Don't come to the seminar if all you are going to do is breathe up all my gas."

"The Seminar Challenge"

From the first night in the seminar, Jim stood and challenged Dr. Phil to prove that his program worked. Jim's anger controlled and hindered his ability to have a positive attitude toward any of the games and drills. Jim wrote off the beginning of the seminar as a total waste and promised he wouldn't return for more. Compelled by those hurting few, Jim returned to Part II of the seminar.

"Dr Phil Pathway Seminars"

As Jim participated in the seminar, later renamed Pathway Seminars, he found a refreshing surprise. Neither Dr. Phil nor Pathway Seminars condoned or encouraged anyone to leave a healthy marriage; instead they encouraged counseling and healing.

"Life Changing"

When Jim returned to Pathway Seminars, Dr Phil made Jim promise to give 100%, which Jim did. During the seminar, Jim and Phil came face to face in a negotiation that Phil won. As a result, Jim released his anger and REOPENED his heart. From that moment on, Jim's life was changed forever.

"Training Under Dr Phil"

Jim was so impressed with the results of the seminars that he later returned as a trainer, and learned under the Direction of Dr. Phil. In the Spring of 1993, Jim asked Dr. Phil for permission to share a similar seminar and Dr. Phil encouraged Jim to make it happen. His advice was, "Jim, you have all the abilities and talents to reach these people. I'll support anything that promotes the healing and welfare of others. That's what it is all about. Touching the lives of others." With that encouragement, Jim created The Road Adventure seminars.

In February of 2003, Jim took all of his years of experience at Pathways and The Road Adventure and created The Marriage Boot Camp Seminars. Instead of the eight day seminar, Jim condensed the program into a four-day intense encounter for minimal costs.

Jim is currently featured on both TLC and Discovery Health in a series called MARRIAGE CAMP. The six-part series which began airing in 2007 is an incredible peak inside the Boot Camps. For more information about the show, visit Marriage Camp TV.