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Premarital Counseling Retreat

Engaged? Now what?

It was Benjamin Franklin who said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Just as doctors recommend preventative care when it comes to your physical health, marriage counselors recommend preventative care for your relationship too.

This action-packed pre-marital counselling program helps you avoid creating bad habits by giving you the most effective tools right from the start. It’s one of the best engagement gifts you can get. Done right, you’ll gain the ability to target and address potential weaknesses before they become marriage eroding habits.

During one of our weekend couples retreats you’ll cover vital topics such as:

  • Getting rid of your baggage before it affects your marriage
  • How to fight fair and resolve conflict
  • How to identify and fulfill both you and your partners needs and wants
  • How to master communication – the cornerstone of any good relationship

Couples will also discuss and get on the same page about possible hot-button issues like:

  • Shared finances
  • SEX
  • Dealing with feelings of anger
  • Core beliefs and individual values
  • Major decision making
  • Raising Children and parenting styles

Using the wildly successful principles from the Marriage Boot Camp, we draw from multiple disciplines, using a powerful and effective combination of mental games, drills, competitions, skits, and experiential events to help couples solidify their lines of communication, master conflict resolution tactics, and set realistic expectations for their upcoming marriage.

Why not give yourselves every possible advantage and get your marriage started on the right foot? During our premarital counseling seminars, we can help you begin with the proper foundation to build a happy, healthy, and lasting relationship.